Our Story

Fern Cottage set for a New Adventure!

Some of you might be aware that Fern Cottage has gone through a change of owners in January 2019 when Rifat decided he wanted a change from running the restaurant, so he gave us the chance to buy it from him.

Which ..even though somewhat reluctantly.. we did!

Due to the long history Rifat had with the restaurant I couldn’t get myself to go public with this until now. Rifat was a good friend to all of us, whom we all met due to working with Karen and him about 15 years ago here in Fern Cottage. We all loved the vibe and food this little place has offered so when we got the opportunity to purchase it, we were shocked and excited at the same time, and although it will be a huge task to improve what Fern Cottage used to be for many years, we are set to bring out the best of this adorable cosy little restaurant!

Adventure Fern Cottage
Mediterranean Influence and Local Scottish Cuisine

Who are we? There is three of us joined in this venture:

Most importantly Istvan Varga who is an incredible and amazing Chef full of creative ideas and enthusiasm!

Levi Papp the Main Man responsible for the front of house with lots of years’ experience in this field and a very professional manner!

And Reka Papp set to make the most of this new adventure with my main focus being on the marketing and all back office details of the business.

We all agreed that Fern Cottage always was and will remain a restaurant with a Mediterranean influence and local Scottish cuisine so we are keeping Rifat`s famous Kebabs on the menu as a Special and adding new and exciting dishes that we hope everyone will enjoy!

One amazing dessert I must mention is Isti`s Homemade Cheesecake! Absolutely Delicious! My Favourite dessert in the world! It’s a must try!

Fern Cottage Food

We would love to have the pleasure of welcoming you to Fern Cottage so you can see it for yourself what this little restaurant has to offer, also I would like to thank everyone who showed huge support throughout the first year of this new venture of ours!

Fern Cottage Food