While your delicious meal is getting cooked to order, why not try one (or more) of our variety of drinks on offer!

Our bespoke Wine list is regularly updated to make sure we can offer a wine to everyones taste, but if you would favour a Gin instead, well.. fear not! ... We have created Fern Gins list which gives you a lovely choice of some of our amazing local Gins!

And of course, last but not least, we also have a fine selection of local Whisky's on offer too , which is a "must" considering we are in Scotland after all...

White Wines


 Franschhoek Cellar Statue de Femme Sauv Blanc,  £26.95 

South Africa

Classic Sauvignon Blancwith tropical fruit,white pear&citrus aromas  
which follow through onto the palate & a crisp, clean finish. 
A wine of great fitness & elegance.

175ml £7.95

250ml £9.95

Los Gansos Viognier,  £26.95 


This wine has a pale yellow colour with aromas of stone fruits such as  
peach & apricot, along with subtle floral notes. On the palate, it is 
full-bodied with a creamy texture & a balanced acidity.
Ideal to pair with spicy dishes or creamy pasta.

175ml £7.95

250ml £9.95

Casalforte Pinot Grigio,  £28.95 


Dry & fruity with a punch of citrus grapefruit followed by pleasant, 
herbal notes of sage. A delightfully fresh & intense finish.

175ml £8.95

250ml £10.95

The Cove Chenin Blanc,  £29.95 

South Africa

South Africa’s classic white grape varietal, this Chenin Blanc has
mouth-watering tropical fruits balanced by a racy acidity.

Sauvignon Blanc 1769, £31.95 

New Zealand

Delight in the zesty and tropical notes of this New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.
It delivers a lively & citrus-driven flavour profile, perfect for those who appreciate
the invigorating and fruity character of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc wines.
The finish is refreshing and satisfying, making it an excellent choice for
a bright & spirited wine journey.
Jean Loron Beaujolais Blanc Chateau Bellevue, £36.95 


This Beaujolais Blanc has a pale gold colour & a nose of white flowers & citrus
fruits. On the palate, it is fresh and crisp with notes of lemon & green apple. 


Red Wines


La Poderosa Malbec,  £26.95 

Aromas that reveal cherry & plum underscored by a  
delicate touch of vanilla. Soft, medium-bodied & round.  

175ml £7.95

250ml £9.95
De Waal Shiraz,  £27.95 

South Africa
A very drinkable medium-bodied shiraz. It is fruit-driven 
with mocha coffee undertones. 

175ml £8.50

250ml £10.50
Normans Holbrooks Rd Cabernet Sauvignon,  £28.95 

Dark chocolate, blackberry & a hint of mint on the palate. 
Oak adds complexity & richness, giving a smooth wine 
with a great flavour.

175ml £8.95

250ml £10.95
Franschhoek Cellar The Old Museum Merlot,  £29.95 

South Africa
This dark plum coloured wine has aromas of forest floor,
Christmas cake & red cherries which follow through onto the 
palate finishing fresh & clean. Fabulously fruity with a supple texture.
Bordeaux ‘1883' Maison Sichel,  £32.95 

Rich and ripe. The palate is flavoured with sweet blackberry and
plum fruit, supple tannins and a rounded, spicy finish. Hints of chocolate,
blackberries and spice abound on the finish.
Rioja Campillo Crianza,  £36.95 

Clean, bright, intense cherry-red with a ruby rim. Intense on the nose,
fresh fruit hints, sweet & warm notes due to the barrel ageing.
Pleasant on the palate, tasty. Long finish, smooth & toasted


The Roses


Pinot Grigio Rosé Botter, £25.95 

Pale rosé in colour. The elegant bouquet has intense aromas 
of acacia flowers. Dry, fruity and well-balanced.  

175ml £7.25

250ml £9.25
Villa Rosella Rosé Zinfandel, £26.95 

Full of ripe strawberry fruit, this is a medium dry rosé 
which is very easy drinking.

175ml £7.50

250ml £9.50


Sparkling Wine

Botter Prosecco Spumante Doc, 20cl £11.95 

Fresh & fruity aromas of golden apples & white peach,
with a delicate floral note. The palate is dry & refreshing,
with a lively mousse & a clean finish.
Prosecco Santinello Veneto, £32.95 

A delicious refreshing fizz with a soft fruit centre & loads of lively bubbles.
Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial,  75cl £79.95 

The most popular non-vintage champagne produced by the largest
of all the champagne companies. Fresh, rich & light champagne with
a lovely golden colour & a warm, fruity flavour, which is very pleasing.

Caorunn  £5.50

Pronounced “ka-roon”,is the Gaelic word for Rowan Berry-a Celtic botanical that forms the very soul of this gin. Infusing a total of eleven botanicals (five locally foraged with six traditional) in a unique Copper Berry Chamber, it harnesses Scotland’s unique natural resources and age-old botanicals to mouth-watering effect. 25ml

Rock Rose  £5.75

This gin is created using many local Caithness ingredients such as rhodiola rosea, sea buckthorn and rowan berries. This means each year will bring a subtly different vintage depending on the changing climate of the area. 25ml

Hendrick`s  £5.75

This Hand-Crafted Gin is distilled from a proprietary recipe which includes traditional botanicals such as Juniper, Coriander and Citrus Peel. 25ml

Gin Mare  £6.00

Gin Mare has long been the reference point for a gin that’s pushed the boundary of what a gin could taste like-with rosemary, thyme ,olive, and basil included in the botanical line up-its savoury and unusual, but balanced. 25ml

Larios 12  £6.00

A stunning Spanish gin made using 12 botanicals which are distilled five times. Larios12 is made with botanicals including wild juniper, nutmeg, angelica root, coriander, Mediterranean lemon, orange, tangerine, mandarin, clementine, grapefruit, lime and orange blossom. 25ml

Boe Violet Gin  £6.00

An incredibly smooth gin, slightly spiced leaving a wonderful lingering delicate finish of sweet violets. Boe Distinctive Scottish Gin’s are lovingly created in small batches, where rare hand-picked botanicals and spices are infused in the finest neutral grain spirit, liberating the full flavours of triple filtered Boe Superior Gin, creating high class gin’s with extraordinary balance and smoothness. 25ml

Boe Passion Gin  £6.00

Lovingly created in small batches this gin is gently blended with the tropical flavors of Passion Fruit to create Boe Passion Gin. A stylish gin with the warm lingering finish of exotic fruits, sensational aroma and vibrant colour. 25ml

Boe Peach and Hibiscus Liqueur  £5.95

The tanginess and berry-rich flavour of hibiscus combines perfectly with fresh peaches, to give a delightful fruity and flowery aroma and taste. 25ml

Badvo   £7.45

Pitochry’s gin is made using 100% hand foraged Scottish botanicals, including juniper, which grows extensively on the family`s Pitlochry farmland. Key botanicals include nettles and wild mint giving the gin a crisp, fresh and herbal taste. 25ml

Edinburgh Gin - Raspberry Liqueur   £5.00

The sweetest ripest Raspberries and the multi award winning Edinburgh Gin Classic come together to create an intensely fruity and juicy liqueur. 25ml

Edinburgh Gin - Classic   £6.00

This award winning gin is brought together with an original balance of 14 botanicals in which Pine Buds, Aromatic Lemongrass and Floral Lavender are all present. 25ml

Edinburgh Gin - Rhubarb and Ginger   £6.00

This naturally flavored gin is post infused with spring crop Rhubarb and stem Ginger to create a beautifully balanced expression. 25ml

Edinburgh Gin - Orange £6.00

Bursting with zesty Orange notes, this liqueur welcomes you with a delicate floral aroma which combines beautifully with natural citrus fruits to create a uniquely refreshing taste. 25ml

When having a premium gin we recommend a premium tonic.

Try Fever Tree with any of the above. Standard or slimline £2.60

'uisge beatha -the water of life!'

Why not finish your meal with one of our fabulous malts definitely the Scottish part!

Aberfeldy 12yo  £6.50

Hint of smoke but creamy with sherried fruit, raisins and sultanas.
A wisp of peat but sweet and slightly malty and sweet.
Sightly malty finish with light citrus notes.

Auchentoshan Triple Wood  £7.50

Finished in a combination of Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks,Bourbon casks and Oloroso Sherry casks.
Candied fruit, toffee, Liqueur cherries.
Dark treacle and toffee notes balanced with a hint of green fruit.

Blair Atholl 12yo  £6.95

Rich and fruity with slight spice notes.
Slight citrus, nutty and a hint of smoke. br The finish is bitter sweet.

Bunnahabhain 12yo  £6.50

Not your typical Isay malt. br Soft and slightly sweet, malty, sultanas and slightly costal. br The finish is sherried with again a hint of the sea.

Caol Ila 12yo  £6.50

Fresh, herbal, damp grass. Smoky, oily cigar leaves. br Slightly smoked and a hint of hickory. br Hinty of boiled sweets, oil, tar with a long peppery spicy and smoky finish.

Cragganmore 12yo  £6.50

Fresh, fruity, aromatic and floral. br Honey stone fruits and almonds with a smoky, delicate peppery spice finish.

Dalwhinnie 15yo  £7.50

Clean simple flavoury toffee, honey, vanilla. br A hint of gentle smoke. Slight spice with a long and malty finish.

Tomatin Legacy  £7.50

Matured in a combination of Bourbon and American Virgin Oak this is a light whisky.
Vanilla, marshmallow, pineapple and lemon On the palate gentle flavoury of candy, pine, lemon sherbet, apples and sponge cake emerge ahead of a light, clean finish

Edradour 10yo  £6.50

Sherry, fruits and vanilla on the nose leading to almonds, rum and malt.
Spicy with raisins and sultanas and slightly creamy to finish.

Glendronach 12yo  £6.50

Finished in a combination of Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso casks to give a rich fruity flavor.
Raisins, cinnamon, caramel with a hint of ginger Marmalade oranges with spiced raisins and smoky toffee to finish

Glenmorangie 10yo  £6.50

Medium-bodied and gently warming, with pleasant spicy notes.

Highland Park 12yo  £7.50

Light grassy notes, honey, hint of citrus but fresh and clean.
Slightly sweet, marmalade oranges and green tea.
Peppery finish which is long and hints at wood shavings.

Lagavulin 16yo  £8.50

A classic Islay and arguably one of the top 10 whiskies in the world.
Sweet, sharp, Momentus smoke offset with citrus and mint.
Light and slightly mineral

Laphroaig 10yo  £7.50

Emphatic, full-bodied and utterly unforgettable, this 10 Year Old Original Cask Strength Laphroaig is the authentic way to experience the rugged character of Laphroaig uncompromising Scotch whisky.

Oban 14yo  £7.50

Fresh grass and cut hay with wood smoke. Citrus and smooth.
Thick and smooth on the palate. The smoke wafty in with notes of seaweed and compliments the rich oak.
Fruit and oak appear on the finish which is quite log.

Talisker 10yo  £7.50

This whisky is not shy! Oily, mokey with seaweed, yet surprisingly fresh and fragrant, Loty of smoke and pepper on the taste and a long malted barley finish.

We offer a specail Whisky Of The Month  £6.50

Please ask our lovely Staff for details.


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